Serenity Veterinary Services, Leah Nagel, DVM, cVMA

What Is Fear Free?

Fear Free is an organization that provides training and certification to veterinarians and other pet professionals targeted at alleviating fear, anxiety, and stress. Becoming Fear Free Elite certified is a statement that I am committed to the emotional and mental well being of your four legged family member as much as their physical well being.

I will not use and do not support the use of any forceful, painful, or scary methods to treat or train your pets. I use science backed modern behavior modification techniques including developing a positive conditioned emotional response, desensitization, and counterconditioning to help your pet feel at ease with treatments.

I use lots of food reinforcement, calming scents and pheromones, and music therapy to help your pet have the best experience possible.

If your pet experiences fear, anxiety, or stress during my visit, we will change the plan to make them more comfortable and still accomplish our goals. I keep notes about your pet’s emotional experience during treatments so that every time can be better for them.