Serenity Veterinary Services, Leah Nagel, DVM, cVMA


I believe in simple, transparent pricing. I offer acupuncture (dry needling), electroacupuncture, laser acupuncture, cold laser, physical therapy, and medical massage. Every pet tolerates and/or needs a different combination of therapies and I want to make sure that every pet gets exactly what they need, so all of my treatments are the same price regardless of the combination of modalities I use. That way, you and I can both take comfort knowing that the treatment decisions are made with best medicine, not money, in mind.

Although the number of treatments needed will vary, I will usually recommend starting with three treatments once weekly to gauge your pet’s response. At that point, we can continue weekly treatments if improvement is noticed, but it is not yet satisfactory, go to monthly treatments for maintenance if the improvement is satisfactory, or change the plan to involve additional tests with your regular veterinarian if your pet is not responding as expected. Typically recent injuries take fewer treatments to see improvement than problems that have been going on a long time.

House calls vary by distance (1-20 miles) from $40-$100

1st visit/initial evaluation and treatment (60-90 minutes) – $150

Followup evaluation and treatment (20-40 minutes) – $70

5 followup treatments bundle (to be used within 6 months) – $325

10 Followup treatments bundle (to be used within 12 months) – $600

Home laser rental – $100/week